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Dog-Whistling Past the Graveyard – Mark Steyn – National Review Online

Dog-Whistling Past the Graveyard – Mark Steyn – National Review Online.


House panel probing stimulus cash for MSNBC ads

via House panel probing stimulus cash for MSNBC ads – Washington Times.

The contract with McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations LLC in 2009 resulted in more than 100 commercials on cable shows hosted by Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman to raise awareness about the Job Corps program’s training in environmentally-friendly career areas.

Your tax payer dollars at work for liberal views.

Obama’s School Vacations

via Obama’s School Vacations – Ian Tuttle – National Review Online.

“There is no piece of legislation, educational initiative, or advocacy issue that justifies such extensive attention to high schools and colleges. Furthermore, a third of the visits from administration officials have been to schools in swing states, where many “official” visits have turned into full-throated campaign stops.”

He goes after the young like a predator. Leave the kids alone Mr President and try selling your Marxist philosophy to those who know better.

The Man Who Knew Too Little

via The Man Who Knew Too Little –

“It’s appalling that any president would have the effrontery to lecture the Supreme Court about a pending case. It’s astounding that this president, who was once a professor of constitutional law at an elite university, would do so in such an ignorant fashion.”

Dictator personality.

Occupy protesters arrested in NYC on New Years- Photos

via Protesters arrested in NYC on New Years Photos | Protesters arrested in NYC on New Years Pictures – Yahoo! News.

“An Occupy Wall Street protester is arrested by police early Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012, in New York. Protesters clashed with police as they marched through lower Manhattan. Dozens of protesters were arrested as they tore down the barricades surrounding New York Citys Zuccotti Park just before midnight on New Years Eve. AP Photo/Stephanie Keith.”

Let’s count the number of Occupy people arrested versus the Tea Party. I guess the term private property is not in their vocabulary.

Beat Back Barack

Beat Back Barack.

“The Republican candidate cannot take the high road like John McCain and refuse to fight. Barack Obama will not be constrained; he will use whatever he can against whoever is his opponent, without reservation, including every underhanded trick and lie at his disposal. The legacy media will not only support him in this, but they will be complicit in his dirty politics.”

Do not make the same mistake twice. Play to win.

Mika Brzezinski’s Anti-Newt Rant Drives Her To Emotional Brink

Mika Brzezinski's Anti-Newt Rant Drives Her To Emotional Brink |

“In a rant worthy of Keith Olbermann at the height of his Miss Precious Perfect histrionics, Mika Brezinski began today’s Morning Joe by tearing into Newt Gingrich for his recent suggestion that Occupy protestors should “get a job, right after you take a bath.

It wasn’t merely Mika’s words: “arrogant, disgusting, sickened.” So strongly ran Brzezinski’s rage that more than once her voice quavered and she seemed on some sort of emotional brink.”

How dare he say take a bath! These are fighting words. This is all so upsetting. Could you be a little more shallow and find something more important to suffer an emotional break down over?

Dutch fall out of love with windmills

via Dutch fall out of love with windmills | Reuters.

“But five years later the green future looks a long way off. Faced with the need to cut its budget deficit, the Dutch government says offshore wind power is too expensive and that it cannot afford to subsidize the entire cost of 18 cents per kilowatt hour — some 4.5 billion euros last year.”

Same story. Green energy costs too much.

Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Christianity?

Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Christianity?.

“The Jesus version of FT is about the decision that a single individual makes, to put his faith in Christ. His salvation is due to God’s grace and love, not his willingness to be taxed more. His spiritual wealth is powerful and infinite. He is, so to speak, the 1%.”

We are losing our way as we lose our religion and judeo christian values.

Bill Clinton, Home Wrecker

Bill Clinton, Home Wrecker –

“Rewind to 1994. While everyone was worried about Clinton socializing health care, he was busy socializing mortgages. To boost minority homeownership, Clinton toughened anti-redlining rules and launched a federal assault on mortgage underwriting standards.

He enlisted no fewer than 10 federal regulatory agencies to crack down on prudent lenders. He named his anti-bank SWAT team the Interagency Task Force on Fair Lending.”

The genesis of a lot of problems today can be tied back to Clinton; subprime lending, keeping Fannie alive and well, repealing Glaas-Steagall Act.

LightSquared: Second Witness Rejects White House Testimony ‘Guidance’

via LightSquared: Second Witness Rejects White House Testimony ‘Guidance’ – The Daily Beast.

“A second government official has come forward saying the White House tried to influence his testimony concerning a wireless broadband project backed by a Democratic donor that military officials fear might impair sensitive satellite navigation systems.”

White House directing testimony to stay on message. Any deviations will be reported to

Israel under siege

via Israel under siege –

“What we do know is that any vote will further undercut American influence in the Middle East, incite violence across the region and fail to bring the Palestinian people one inch closer to their desired goal of statehood.”

They are feeling more emboldened by Obama’s weakness.

Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama’s Past

Articles: Even Republicans Rejected Info About Obama’s Past.

The Obama I knew was nothing like the lifelong pragmatic centrist that he was pretending to be in the 2008 presidential campaign.  When I talked politics with the young Obama, he expressed a profound commitment to bringing about a socialist economic system in the U.S. — completely divorced from the profit motive — which would occur, in his lifetime, through a potentially violent, Communist-style revolution.  In this context, I saw my report on young Obama as a key piece of evidence suggesting a profound continuity in his belief system.”

There are still rhinos and McCain type people (progressives) in conservative media. Don’t know why Hannity would have passed on this.

Obama Challenges Congress in Labor Day Speech

via Obama Challenges Congress in Labor Day Speech –

“We’re going to see if we’ve got some straight shooters in Congress. We’re going to see if congressional Republicans will put country before party,” he said.”

Republicans disagree with his POLICIES (which haven’t worked) and to constantly refer to it as “politics” or” putting the country before party” is disingenuous and dishonest.

Obama and the Burden of Exceptionalism

Shelby Steele: Obama and the Burden of Exceptionalism –

“Yet there is something more than inexperience or lack of character that defines this presidency: Mr. Obama came of age in a bubble of post-’60s liberalism that conditioned him to be an adversary of American exceptionalism. In this liberalism America’s exceptional status in the world follows from a bargain with the devil—an indulgence in militarism, racism, sexism, corporate greed, and environmental disregard as the means to a broad economic, military, and even cultural supremacy in the world. And therefore America’s greatness is as much the fruit of evil as of a devotion to freedom.”

An adversary of American exceptionalism.