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Pigford Forever

Pigford Forever | National Review Online.

“The Pigford case represented everything Breitbart raged against in the American political order — large-scale cronyism, corrosive and cynical identity politics, unrepentant hypocrisy, and the predictable indifference of the mainstream media.”

Stealth reparations; government handouts to minorities who can sign their name collect fifty thousand dollars. Ignored by the media again. Thank you Shirley for helping sign all those people up!


New York Times vindicates Andrew Breitbart

Blogs: New York Times vindicates Andrew Breitbart – Kevin Robillard –

“The Times’ A1, above-the-fold story — which involved Freedom of Information Act requests, interviews with former administration officials and database work — shows how political appointees in the Obama administration’s Justice and Agriculture Departments turned a potential government court victory into $1.3 billion settlement for Hispanic and female farmers — some of whom never even claimed discrimination in court. The story also detailed how the feds relied on a flawed payout system for black farmers that was ripe with fraud and revealed that career officials in the Agriculture Department had opposed the program.”

Just like Bengahzi….no honest press coverage of this obvious fraud and reparations program from years back. Why now?

Airport Delays: Who to Blame

Airport Delays: Who to Blame | RealClearPolitics.

“In Washington, incompetence can never be entirely discounted, and certainly the FAA did a poor job preparing for sequestration. But the administration and Democrats saw political opportunity in the debacle.”

Obama et al always see and always use opportunity in a crisis.