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College suspends professor for allegedly attempting to force students to vote for Obama

via College suspends professor for allegedly attempting to force students to vote for Obama.

A college professor has been placed on leave after she allegedly forced her class to sign a pledge to vote for President Obama in the upcoming elections.

Liberals educating our kids. Disgraceful.


Obama’s School Vacations

via Obama’s School Vacations – Ian Tuttle – National Review Online.

“There is no piece of legislation, educational initiative, or advocacy issue that justifies such extensive attention to high schools and colleges. Furthermore, a third of the visits from administration officials have been to schools in swing states, where many “official” visits have turned into full-throated campaign stops.”

He goes after the young like a predator. Leave the kids alone Mr President and try selling your Marxist philosophy to those who know better.

Teacher Warns Student About Speaking Badly About Obama

via Teacher Warns Student About Speaking Badly About Obama | North Rowan High School | Rowan-Salisbury School System | North Carolina |

“During the exchange, the teacher an obvious Obama supporter got very angry with the student and accused him of disrespecting the president. She even went so far as to tell the boy that he could be jailed for speaking ill of Obama.”

When is the last time you heard of a conservative teacher doing this? At least these kids know the facts and are speaking up.

Indoctrination 101: Teaching Chicago Students to Protest

via Exclusive – Indoctrination 101: Teaching Chicago Students to Protest.

“But Jackson apparently had no interest in allowing students to come to their own conclusions on gun ownership.”

This is what a LIBERAL education does to you.

Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens

“I thought this would be about anti-bullying,” Tuttle told Fox news. “It turned into a pointed attack on Christian beliefs.”

via Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes.

Might want to mention he’s a militant gay speaker. Im glad a lot of younger people got up and left. What an A Hole.

Colleges Skimp on Science, Spend Big on Diversity

Colleges Skimp on Science, Spend Big on Diversity.

“On higher education, Democrats and many Republicans as well have followed the same course as on public schools: Shovel in more money, in this case in the form of Pell grants and subsidized student loans.

College and university administrators have been happy to scoop up all the money by rapidly raising tuitions and fees. Higher-ed expenses have been rising much more rapidly than inflation for three decades.”

Liberal education.

Democrats and Teacher Tenure

via Democrats and Teacher Tenure – Mona Charen – National Review Online.

“Do you have life tenure in your job? Unless you are one of the above-mentioned professors, a federal judge, or a public-school teacher, the answer is almost certainly no. So why do teachers have it? Whose interests does it serve other than the teachers’? It permits sloth and incompetence. Can you keep your job without reference to how well you perform it? Tenure insulates teachers from accountability”

It’s about the teachers, not the students.

The Big Hoax

The Big Hoax.

“Now Secretary Duncan and Attorney General Holder want to play the race card in an election year, at the expense of the education of black students. Make no mistake about it, the black students who go to school to get an education are the main victims of the classroom disrupters whom Duncan and Holder are trying to protect.

What they are more fundamentally trying to protect are the black votes which are essential for Democrats. For that, blacks must be constantly depicted as under siege from whites, so that Democrats can be seen as their rescuers.”

Modus operandi of the left.

Who Should Have Access to Student Records?

via Who Should Have Access to Student Records? – US News and World Report.

“Since “No Child Left Behind” was passed 10 years ago, states have been required to ramp up the amount of data they collect about individual students, teachers, and schools. Personal information, including test scores, economic status, grades, and even disciplinary problems and student pregnancies, are tracked and stored in a kind of virtual “permanent record” for each student.”

This is getting a little spooky.

Applying While Asian

Applying While Asian – Rich Lowry – National Review Online.

“If the applicant had a 1240 SAT score and a 3.2 GPA, he had a 92 percent chance of admission if black and 88 percent if Latino. If white, he had only a 14 percent chance, and if Asian, a 10 percent chance.”

How does this fit with Obama’s fairness meter? » Screaming ‘Occupiers’ Handcuffed, Marched Out of Bachmann Speech » Screaming ‘Occupiers’ Handcuffed, Marched Out of Bachmann Speech.

Notice they are all young people This is where are are headed. Thank you educational system.

Heed the 99 Percent

Heed the 99 Percent – Rich Lowry – National Review Online.

“The representatives of these debt-burdened graduates shouldn’t be at Zuccotti Park, but at the American Association of University Professors or some other arm of the academic complex that gouges students. College tuition has been increasing at a rapid clip. Does anyone believe that higher ed is getting constantly better? It’s an inflationary spiral, partly driven by a federal student-loan program that feeds the maw of the beast regardless of quality or outcomes.”


Teacher hiring focus of latest Obama jobs pitch

via Teacher hiring focus of latest Obama jobs pitch –

“Unwilling to concede that his jobs act has no chance of passage, President Obama today breaks out a new weapon: a laid-off single mother who wants nothing more than to go back to teaching public school children.

And at Eastfield College, Obama will appear alongside Russell to talk about his plan to put teachers back in the classroom, and how Republicans don’t support it.”

Republicans against kids.

Fran Tarkenton: What if the NFL Played by Teachers’ Rules?

via Fran Tarkenton: What if the NFL Played by Teachers’ Rules? –

“If you haven’t figured it out yet, the NFL in this alternate reality is the real -life American public education system. Teachers’ salaries have no relation to whether teachers are actually good at their job—excellence isn’t rewarded, and neither is extra effort. Pay is almost solely determined by how many years they’ve been teaching. That’s it. After a teacher earns tenure, which is often essentially automatic, firing him or her becomes almost impossible, no matter how bad the performance might be. And if you criticize the system, you’re demonized for hating teachers and not believing in our nation’s children.”

Unions (the Left) have been running the show in schools for the past 40 years. Yet, they complain that we are not doing well and need more spending. Think again.

Racial Preferences in Wisconsin

via Racial Preferences in Wisconsin – Page 2 – Linda Chavez – Townhall Conservative.

“The campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison erupted this week after the release of two studies documenting the heavy use of race in deciding which students to admit to the undergraduate and law schools. The evidence of discrimination is undeniable, and the reaction by critics was undeniably dishonest and thuggish.

Egged on by inflammatory comments by university officials, student groups organized a flashmob via a Facebook page that was filled with propaganda and outright lies about CEO wanting to dismantle their student groups.”

Our educational system is dishonest, biased and run by leftwing zealots.