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RNC 2012: The GOP’s Confusion and Lies About the Debt

p>via Bob Cesca: RNC 2012: The GOP's Confusion and Lies About the Debt.

“The debt has increased by just 41.4 percent during the first several years of the president’s term, from around $10 trillion to $15 trillion. Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, presided over a near-doubling of the debt, increasing the number by 188 percent. Bush 41 presided over a 55.6 percent increase, and Bush 43 presided over an 89 percent increase. At the same time, the year-over-year increase in the debt under President Obama has dropped from 15 percent to 4 percent. The president also cut the deficit from $1.4 trillion in his first year to $900 billion in 2013 (projected by the CBO) — and it’s worth noting that $1.2 trillion of the 2009 deficit was inherited from a George W. Bush spending request in 2008.”

Amazing analysis being peddled by the left. Notice how there’s no revenue figures as if the Bush or Reagan tax cutes didn’t generate far more revenue than they cost. Dems don’t understand this fact and historical record that lower taxes mean higher revenues. Even Obama recognized this but he doesn’t care because it isn’t fair, according to him.


Obama Honored Fallen SEALs By Sending Their Parents a Form Letter Signed By Electric Pen

via Obama Honored Fallen SEALs By Sending Their Parents a Form Letter Signed By Electric Pen | The Gateway Pundit.

“After the deadliest single loss of US forces in Afghanistan, Barack Obama sent out form letters to the parents.”

Can our president take 10 minutes from his fundraising to sign these letters? What a disgrace.

For GOP, storm’s timing makes it harder to be anti-government

via For GOP, storm's timing makes it harder to be anti-government –

“Into the carefully scripted Republican convention has come a complication: a natural disaster that not only distracts attention from Mitt Romney but sets up a collision with a fundamental tenet of today’s GOP.

To a great extent, the Republican Party has defined itself as the anti-government party.”

Typical bias and stupid front page daily article in the LA Times. Less government, not anti government.

Ellen Barkin Hopes Hurricane Kills Every Pro-Life, Xenophobic, Gay-Bashing SOB At The RNC

via Ellen Barkin Hopes Hurricane Kills Every Pro-Life, Xenophobic, Gay-Bashing SOB At The RNC – Ellen Barkin – Fox Nation.

“She retweeted the message of one of her followers that read: “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC ” Barkin did not express any disagreement in her retweet.”

More hate from the left.

Samuel L. Jackson asks why GOP spared by tropical storm

Samuel L. Jackson on Monday tweeted it was “unfair” that Tropical Storm Isaac had spared the GOP convention in Tampa and appeared to be heading for New Orleans. Jackson said in a profanity-filled tweet that he was “not understanding Gods plan” given the fact that the storm was not disrupting the Republican gathering. 

via Samuel L. Jackson asks why GOP spared by tropical storm – The Hills Twitter Room.

Where does the hate come from again?

Should Romneys faith keep his taxes out of the public eye?

Should Romneys faith keep his taxes out of the public eye? –

The title to access this article on the LA Times is “Romney’s want to hide depth of church giving” Is this fair? Why all the questions about Romney’s faith and none about Obama’s The LA Times is running routine negative articles on Romney in their Politics Now section referred to on it’s front pages. Pure bias.

Democrats Falsely Claim Paul Ryan Tried to “Redefine Rape”

via Democrats Falsely Claim Paul Ryan Tried to "Redefine Rape" | The Weekly Standard.

“The word “forcible” wouldnt have “redefined” rape–it was simply an attempt to codify this longstanding interpretation of the Hyde amdendment. Because the word appeared to be redundant and gave Democrats the opportunity to smear pro-life Republicans, it was dropped from the bill.”

The media and libs completely overstate and mislead on this issue. But hey, they also managed to look the other way about Bill Clinton’s rape accusations and his demeaning treatment of women. Or, how about Ed Shultz comments about a conservative woman- Laura Ingraham- “that right wing slut” Bill Maher? The War on Women is a made up political ploy to appeal to the naive and overzealous libs. What about Obama’s support for partial birth abortion? Isn’t that radical? When is the last time your heard a Dem or Lib apologize or demand one of theirs resign? Never.

Obamacare law designed to unionize 21 million health care workers

p>via Book: Obamacare law designed to unionize 21 million health care workers | The Daily Caller.

“The government employee unions can then enlist pro-union state governments to treat these health care workers as ‘government employees,’” Factor told The Daily Caller, “and unionize them just like they unionized the care providers” themselves.”

Is this why Andy Stern made so many visits to the WH?

Democrats tie Akin ‘legitimate rape’ comments to Romney-Ryan

via Democrats tie Akin ‘legitimate rape’ comments to Romney-Ryan | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

“Im outraged at the Republicans trying to take women back to the Dark Ages—if you agree, join me in taking a stand for women,” she said.”

So even thought Romney, Ryan and all conservative commentators condemned the comment and he is asked to resign by Republicans, here comes Wasserman who knows no bounds. When is the last time Dems condemned one of their own? They always defend the indefensible (see Joe Biden).

Obama: I Dont Think Anyone Would Suggest Ive Tried To Divide The Country

Obama: I Dont Think Anyone Would Suggest Ive Tried To Divide The Country | RealClearPolitics.

Pathological lier or delusional. He’s done nothing but divide.

Hecklers try to climb onstage at Ryan event in Iowa

via Video: Hecklers try to climb onstage at Ryan event in Iowa « Hot Air.

“This is how the Democratic leadership thinks. They’d like nothing more, I’m sure, than to see some irate protesters getting in Ryan’s face over Medicare at one of his events so that the media has a piece of useful viral vid to run with, and we already know how low Democratic campaigns are willing to stoop to harass Republican candidates.”

The liberal way.

Democrats Back Off Claim that Romney Causes Cancer

via Democrats Back Off Claim that Romney Causes Cancer | Power Line.

“This is pretty hilarious; as usual, the Democrats have no intention of appealing to anyone other than the ignorant. As Scott pointed out here, the Obama campaign is in the Soptic pit up to its eyeballs, having sponsored Soptic’s ridiculous claims on a conference call with reporters in May, and having released its own Soptic ad. Moreover, the idea that Priorities USA might be something other than a Democratic Party group is laughable.”

More election ad lies from Dems.

CNN Torches DWS on Medicare Falsehoods

via Brutal: CNN Torches DWS on Medicare Falsehoods – Guy Benson.

“When Blitzer asks her to specify exactly how current or soon-to-be seniors would be impacted by the GOP plan, she cannot.  Because theyre not.  The Left is intellectually bankrupt on the very subject they claim will allow them to crush Mitt Romney in November.  They despise the bipartisan solution Republicans have offered, but they have no alternative of their own.  Dear Democrats, Medicare is slated to go bankrupt in 2024.”


Morsi Fires Top Defense Brass

via Morsi Fires Top Defense Brass – Middle East – News – Israel National News.

“The Muslim Brotherhoods Morsi appears to be wasting no time in consolidating his hold over power at the expense of the military, which many hoped would be a moderating power over him.”

Thank your Mr. President for making this happen.

New ad ties Romney to cancer death

via New ad ties Romney to cancer death – The Washington Post.

“A new ad from a super PAC supporting President Obama ties former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to a family’s loss of health insurance and a woman’s subsequent death from cancer.”

Cancer? Pathetic.