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A Tale of Two Protests: Media Cheer Wall Street Occupiers But Jeered Tea Partiers

“The Occupy Wall Street protestors have received overwhelmingly positive coverage from the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) news networks, as they used their airtime to publicize and promote the aggressively leftist movement. In just the first eleven days of October, ABC, CBS and NBC flooded their morning and evening newscasts with a whopping 33 full stories or interview segments on the protesters. This was a far cry from the greeting the Tea Party received from the Big Three as that conservative protest movement was initially ignored (only 13 total stories in all of 2009) and then reviled.”

So obvious to anyone with an open mind.


Hollywood Hypocrisy in the Hypokrisis Industry

Hollywood Hypocrisy in the Hypokrisis Industry.

“Some of the most outspoken critics of the “income disparity” that exists within the free-market capitalist system can be found in Hollywood, where you’ll also happen to find some of the most prosperous beneficiaries of the very system they criticize. What Hollywood so conveniently ignores is the mammoth “income disparity” and gluttonous (by their own standards for others) behavior within its own industry.”

The top actors must be greedy.

Obama, the Dream

Obama, the Dream.

“He is an illusion — always appearing to be more than he is, always, more promise than reality. He is, and always has been, the sum projection of what others want him to be. Barack Obama doesn’t exist, except in the hearts and minds of minions and sycophants.”

Ironic, coming from the man who supposedly wrote Dreams of my Father.

Gingrich and Immigration

Gingrich and Immigration – Thomas Sowell – National Review Online.

“At one time, immigrants came to America to become Americans. Today, the apostles of multiculturalism and grievance-mongering have done their best to keep foreigners foreign and, if possible, feeling aggrieved. Our own schools and colleges teach grievances.”

Multiculturalism destroys cultures. Nations that don’t protect their own sovereinty lose it.

Cornel West: Ultimate Fight For Entitlements Will Be In “The Streets”

via Cornel West: Ultimate Fight For Entitlements Will Be In "The Streets" | RealClearPolitics.

“Professor West didn’t just call for another war on poverty (the first war was fought by Lyndon B. Johnson), but went on to say that the push for more entitlements “is going to be fought in the streets.” West showered the Occupy movement with praise for making people aware of the issue.”

Where’s Nancy Pelosi on this? If the Tea Party had called for violence it would be all over the news. This story will not be mentioned.

California prison doctors, barred from seeing patients, collect full pay

via California prison doctors, barred from seeing patients, collect full pay –

“California prisons have paid doctors and mental health professionals accused of malpractice an estimated $8.7 million since 2006 to do no work at all or to perform menial chores like sorting mail, tossing out old medical supplies and reviewing inmate charts for clerical errors.”

Institutional bureaucracies and unions (suspended teachers) function like this at taxpayer expense. An outrage.

Rich Lowry Pushes Back Against Dyson\’s Charge Republicans Are Racist

Rich Lowry Pushes Back Against Dyson\'s Charge Republicans Are Racist.

“I just want to address Michael’s last point. You know, a tea party hero is Herman Cain, and there is zero racial anxiety there among tea parties–partiers supporting an African-American.”

Watch the video. Notice how Lowry isn’t allowed to finish his point against Dyson’s rage.

Race: The Ultimate Weapon of the Left

Race: The Ultimate Weapon of the Left.

“So what happens in the (admittedly unlikely) event that Herman Cain wins the Republican nomination and then goes on to beat Obama in the general election? Would it quench the flames of racial antagonism frantically fanned by the progressives? Forget about it! How can the left be expected to give up its most effective weapon just because a black man of a conservative bent has supplanted their idol in the White House? Surrendering the race issue would mean a crushing defeat for the progressive agenda, centered as it has been on race all these past decades.”

Black conservatives never count. They are not really black in liberal eyes.

Scientists Behaving Badly

Scientists Behaving Badly – Jim Lacey – National Review Online.

“One e-mail clearly explains what was at stake: ”I can’t overstate the HUGE amount of political interest in the project as a message that the Government can give on climate change to help them tell their story. They want the story to be a very strong one and don’t want to be made to look foolish.” In other words, all the scientific lying was a result of scientists trying to give their political masters a major issue they could use to control people’s lives and justify wasting trillions of dollars.”

The left loves to point out how studies financed by Exxon pollutes the outcome but somehow overlook how funding from government is immune.

Lesson’s of Jon Corzine’s fall

Lesson’s of Jon Corzine’s fall—John Carney –

The mortal blow for MF Global was the realization that Corzine was just a mortal man.

“It’s tempting to blame “Wall Street greed” for Corzine and MF Global’s missteps, but something deeper was at work. Corzine has described himself as an “unabashed liberal.” His liberalism included a faith in the effectiveness of government and a suspicion that the best and the brightest know better than markets.”

The bond vigilantes are the real world, not government promises by liberal bureaucrats.

Odious Occupiers

Odious Occupiers.

“Much of the news media played down unsavory aspects of Occupy Wall Street. But over time the arrests (about 4,000); violence (murders and rapes as well as the customary assaults on policemen) and vulgarity affected public opinion.”

Yes, these small facts seemingly ignored by the AWOL media. Imagine if the Tea Party had acted this way.

Why climategate is a catastrophe for science

via Why climategate is a catastrophe for science –

“They seem to show climate scientists acting with a partiality that is alien to the scientific method. One of them worries that climate change “is being manipulated to put a political spin on it”. Another notes, regarding a planned study of tornadoes, that “getting people we know and trust is vital”.

THe left doesn’t give a damn about this stuff. It just gets in the way of their agenda.

The Norquist Myth

via The Norquist Myth – Charles Krauthammer – National Review Online.

“So why does the myth of the Norquist-controlled anti-tax monolith persist? You might suggest cynicism and perversity. Let me offer a more benign explanation: thickheadedness. Democrats simply can’t tell the difference between tax revenues and tax rates.”

Democrats believe raising taxes will always raise revenues, even in the longer term, in spite of empirical evidence.

Schiff knocks it outta the PARK!!

Schiff knocks it outta the PARK!! Must see! (Video) | Ron Paul 2012 | Sound Money, Peace and Liberty.

Great discussion with members of Congress. See who makes most sense.

In Defense of the 1%

via In Defense of the 1% | Euro Pacific Capital.

“I think some of the leadership of Occupy Wall Street comes from this kind of radical Marxist background – and perhaps they’re smart to intentionally keep quiet about their goals. Because the vast majority of protesters I met did believe in capitalism – they’re just tired of being screwed over by crony capitalism. Noted school-choice activist Michael Strong calls it “crapitalism,” and that’s what it is. It’s a rotten deal for everyone, and they know it.”

Good read.