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Climate Change Skepticism a Sickness That Must be “Treated,” Says Professor

via » Climate Change Skepticism a Sickness That Must be “Treated,” Says Professor Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!.

“Comparing skepticism of man-made global warming to racist beliefs, an Oregon-based professor of sociology and environmental studies has labeled doubts about anthropogenic climate change a “sickness” for which individuals need to be “treated”.”

Yes comrade. We will send them to the indoctrination camp immediately.


The Obama Shift

The Obama Shift.

“Plus, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the “Bush tax cuts” did not demolish this four-decade trend. In fact, they put things back on trend. In 2007, or four years after Bush’s second round of tax cuts, federal revenues were 18.5% of GDP (above trend), and spending was 19.7% of GDP (below trend). Everything I’m saying can be verified with the OMB’s own numbers. You should pray for the return of 2007.”

The liberal view is that the tax cuts added to the debt; they ignore that it was paid for with the growth it created.

Brutal week for Obama, the worst of his presidency

HURT: Brutal week for Obama, the worst of his presidency – Washington Times.

So, in one week, Mr. Obama got caught whispering promises to our enemy, incited a race war, raised serious questions about his understanding of the Constitution, and then got smacked down over his proposed budget that was so wildly reckless that even Democrats in Congress could not support it.

The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Villaraigosa says L.A. must lay off ‘a large number of people’

Villaraigosa says L.A. must lay off 'a large number of people' –

“The announcement comes weeks after the city’s five-member employee bargaining committee, which includes Villaraiogsa, asked city unions to give up raises that are scheduled for the fiscal year that begins July 1. Those unions refused to reopen contract talks.”

Unions would rather have people lose jobs in a weak economy than give up any pay increases (i.e share the wealth). And they call other people greedy.

Santelli: Why Doesn’t Obama Go After Apple’s Profits?

via Santelli: Why Doesn't Obama Go After Apple's Profits? | RealClearPolitics.

“And, by the way, all these profits Exxon’s making, the administration doesn’t like it. Well, what about Apple making a billion dollars a week, or Microsoft? I bet you if GM made a billion dollars a week, they wouldn’t mind. Come on!”

Apple’s profit margins are five times what Exxon’s are and they also get write offs (i.e. tax payer giveaways) for research and development! Just horrible.

Parents of murdered British students criticise Barack Obama

via Parents of murdered British students criticise Barack Obama – Telegraph.

“Mr Kouzaris has written to President Obama on three separate occasions and is yet to even receive the courtesy of a reply.

It would perhaps appear that Mr Obama sees no political value in facilitating such a request or that the lives of two British tourists are not worthy of ten minutes of his time.”

I guess they won’t be sitting up in the seat next to Mrs. Obama for the next state of the union speech. You are supposed to lead the country Mr. President, not only part of it that fits your agenda. Let’s go reread that wonderful speech you wrote about race that now seems so hollow.

The Trayvon Martin Case and the Rule of Law

The Trayvon Martin Case and the Rule of Law.

“The most unfortunate aspect of this lapse is that prominent political figures who certainly must know better have embraced this mob mentality. President Obama, a Harvard-trained lawyer and former lecturer on constitutional law at the University of Chicago, offers perhaps the most egregious example of this “who needs tedious legal proceedings to achieve justice now?” mentality. He could have used his position to tell — perhaps even lecture — the American public that Martin’s shooting had already been investigated by the police and that this process had numerous safeguards to insure that criminal acts were properly punished and that personal opinions about guilt or innocence should wait until all the relevant information is at hand.”

Once again, a lack of leadership and disrespecting our rule of law (i.e Constitution).

Obama Becomes O’mobba

Articles: Obama Becomes O'mobba.

Take a good look at the Ruckus Society website, because you will see them again, smashing windows and fighting cops wherever media cameras gather. These are the kids of the powerful starting their own political careers, the way John Kerry did during Vietnam by accusing his Navy Swift Boat buddies of committing war crimes.

Liberal mobs, coming to a theater near you.

Job Killers

Job Killers.

“Since this current post-recession job recovery is the slowest in 80 years, you’d think that even know-it-all politicians would want to sweep away the labyrinth of government regulations that hinders job creation. Successful job creators like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Staples founder Tom Stemberg tell me there are so many new rules and taxes today that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to create the thousands of jobs they once made.”

It should be obvious but it isn’t.

Obama’s ‘flexibility’ to lie after election

HURT: Obama's 'flexibility' to lie after election – Washington Times.

“On these issues — but particularly missile defense — this can be solved,” he tells Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, like in a scene from a Cold War spy movie.

But, Mr. Obama explains to his handler, he needs more time, and he needs to get into a position where he is no longer answerable to American voters.”

Care to be more upfront Mr. President BEFORE the election about what your plans are?

Obamacare Will Bankrupt US: Rep. Paul Ryan

“It vastly underestimates how many employers will actually drop their employer health insurance and dump people into the government exchange,” Ryan said.In fact, he said private sector actuaries have told him that within a couple of years, about two-thirds of employers will “wash their hands” of offering health insurance to employees.

via Obamacare Will Bankrupt US: Rep. Paul Ryan – US Business News – CNBC.

Does Nancy Pelosi know this?

President Put-Down

President Put-Down.

“Presidents are supposed to be role models. Remember the cliché “I want to grow up to be president”? Presidents are supposed to inspire us to do great things — to think of something greater than ourselves. Ronald Reagan dismissed praise of himself as being a Great Communicator. He said in his parting speech as president, “I wasn’t a great communicator, but I communicated great things.”

What “great things” has President Obama communicated over the last few years?”

Intelligent egomaniacs are very dangerous.

The Yen’s Looming Day of Reckoning

via The Yen's Looming Day of Reckoning – CNBC.

“Japan is on an unsustainable path of a strong yen and deflation. The unprofitability of Japan’s major exporters and emerging trade deficits suggest that the end of this path is in sight. The transition from a strong to weak yen will likely be abrupt, involving a sudden and big devaluation of 30 to 40 percent. It will be a big shock to Japan’s neighbors and its distant competitors like Germany. The yen’s devaluation in 1996 was a main factor in triggering the Asian Financial Crisis.”

Good read. A windshield looking for a bug.

Trayvon Martin and Media Hypocrisy

via Trayvon Martin and Media Hypocrisy.

“Let’s not be naïve: If Trayvon Martin had been shot that night by another black teenager there would be have been nothing from president Obama, no nationally televised demonstrations, no demands for justice by prominent civil rights leaders, and nobody outside his immediate circle of family and friends would even know his name.”

Same circumstances but black on black vs black on white. Notice how Zimmerman is referred to as a white Hispanic to fuel the story.

Obama’s energy lies

via Obama’s energy lies –

“And now he is going to get out of the mess by promising half a pipeline that will accomplish zip without a northern part Nebraskans along with greenies particularly don’t want? If the American public is dumb enough to buy all that – and I don’t think so – we deserve this guy and the gas prices that come with him.”

Pipeline to nowhere. Once again, everyone plays politics with our future except our President.