Democrats Falsely Claim Paul Ryan Tried to “Redefine Rape”

via Democrats Falsely Claim Paul Ryan Tried to "Redefine Rape" | The Weekly Standard.

“The word “forcible” wouldnt have “redefined” rape–it was simply an attempt to codify this longstanding interpretation of the Hyde amdendment. Because the word appeared to be redundant and gave Democrats the opportunity to smear pro-life Republicans, it was dropped from the bill.”

The media and libs completely overstate and mislead on this issue. But hey, they also managed to look the other way about Bill Clinton’s rape accusations and his demeaning treatment of women. Or, how about Ed Shultz comments about a conservative woman- Laura Ingraham- “that right wing slut” Bill Maher? The War on Women is a made up political ploy to appeal to the naive and overzealous libs. What about Obama’s support for partial birth abortion? Isn’t that radical? When is the last time your heard a Dem or Lib apologize or demand one of theirs resign? Never.

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