Future tense, VIII: Enter totalitarian democracy

Future tense, VIII: Enter totalitarian democracy by Andrew C. McCarthy – The New Criterion.

“Alas, the “liberty” part of ordered liberty is not the concern of Justice Ginsburg and her fellow travelers. For them, the individual’s freedom is a relic of a bygone time, when life was simpler and dominated by sexist, slave-holding white men of a colonialist bent. The modern Left’s métier is rights, in the contemporary connotation: i.e., what you must give to me, with government handling both the confiscation and redistribution ends of the arrangement. In contrast to the traditional rights Justice Ginsburg finds so unrefined—to wit, the right to be free from government demands and the right to have government restricted to its expressly enumerated powers—the new rights cover everything from the mortgage arrears of spendthrifts for houses they could not afford to contraceptives for the sexual recreation of young women at nominally Catholic law schools.”

Freedom versus rights. Liberals want to be unteathered to the Constitution yet rely on it to grant themselves newfound “rights”.

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