Huffington’s Bogus Defense of Unpaid Bloggers

via Huffington’s Bogus Defense of Unpaid Bloggers – Working In These Times.

“Finally, the Huffington Post imposes very strict standards of conduct on its bloggers to protect its reputation as a professional journalistic publication. Andrew Breitbart was demoted as a front-page blogger because of what he said about progressive activist Van Jones in an interview with the Daily Caller.

So is the Huffington Post a social media site as it likes to claim while defending its policy of not paying writers? Or is the website a professional journalistic entity? Legally speaking, the answer is unclear. But what is clear is that the ambiguity of the employment relationship of Huffington bloggers allows the website to profit off unpaid bloggers’ writing.”

Two points here; first they censor Breitbart which is what liberals do to messengers they don’t agree with and second, Arianna walks away with millions from her “slave” laborers. And, as I recall, she wrote off (loophole) much of the initial setup to lower her taxes. Liberals tolerate this from her but would berate anyone from the right who did this.

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