Left-Wing Media Dishonesty

O'Reilly: Left-Wing Media Dishonesty.

“So, Media Matters lied, as it always does. It takes video clips out of context every single day. And guess who went wild calling me hypocritical? NBC News in the form of MSNBC. I know, you’re shocked. Here’s the bigger picture. We know that most of the media is actively rooting for President Obama to be re-elected. But it used to be that the liberal press just tilted coverage, ignoring stories that reflected positively on conservatives and Republicans and hyping stories that helped Democrats and liberals. But now, national news agencies are actually lying to you, using out-of-context quotes that they get from websites and fabricating things all in an effort to advance the liberal agenda. Later in this broadcast, you’ll hear conservative Rick Santorum criticize Fox News for not helping him out. Interesting. So, the next time you hear Fox News is a right-wing operation, just mention Rick Santorum’s contention.”

Actively distorting now. Beyond bias.

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