The Heartland Never ‘Overrated’ Obama

Articles: The Heartland Never ‘Overrated’ Obama.

I wish there were some profound explanation for their willful blindness, but I have found none.  As best as I can fathom, it derives from equal parts snobbery and timidity.  The Ivy-educated Obama is one of them.  I am not.  I went to school at Purdue.  (So did Herman Cain, and, partly as a result, our media do not take him as seriously as they have Obama.)  I live in Kansas City.  I edit a regional business magazine.  If someone like me discovers something, how could it possibly be true?  If a Beltway editor endorses it, might not he too be dubbed a conspiracy theorist?”

Hopefully someday we’ll know why the media- left and right-continue to dance around Obama’s past.

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