Obama Wants Fairness More than Jobs

Obama Wants Fairness More than Jobs.

“Our president has made it completely clearthat for him, making America a more fair country trumps mundane economic considerations.  As it turns out, every time he acts for fairness, he is also rewarding his political base and holding onto power.  So our president keeps hoping that by doing good, he will do himself good — as he defines good.  Those who disagree with him are not just wrong; they are selfishand unfair — in a word, Republicans.  His Democrat base agrees and eggs him on.  So our president doesn’t focus on the suffering of the unemployed, now 50% among young blacks.  He doesn’t admit to himself that he is clawing middle-class families down into poverty.  He applauds himself for working on fairness.”

The paradox of liberals; thinking they are doing good with the best intentions but don’t seem to pay attention to actual results. Equality is their highest priority in spite of merit and freedom issues. Better that everyone is poor but equal than unequal but much more wealthy overall with opportunity. Obama thinks his view of fairness is the only choice.

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