The Player and the President

The Player and the President.

When it came time to speak, Obama read woodenly and haltingly, with no sense of emotion, from the prepared text on the teleprompter. In what the Boston Gazette called “a study in contrasts,” Obama delivered an unattributed and ill-prepared reading of Psalm 46. The audience seemed dumbfounded as to the point of his selection, and Obama offered no clue as to his intent. It was as if the teleprompter itself had recited Psalm 46 and then shut down, smugly remote and above it all.

Then George Bush rose and addressed the grieving families from the fullness of his heart. Bush read from a letter by Abraham Lincoln to a mother who had lost five sons in battle. Like Lincoln, who signed his letter “Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,” Bush managed to convey his deep sense of respect and regard for the assembled 9/11 families. It was surely no accident that those in attendance, including thousands of family members of the victims, broke into spontaneous applause at the conclusion of Bush’s moving remarks.”

Something missing.

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