Baseline Budgeting Makes Real Cuts Impossible in Washington

via Baseline Budgeting Makes Real Cuts Impossible in Washington.

“Baseline budgeting is based on the presumption that every item in the budget will automatically increase between three and 10% depending on what the item is, every year, regardless what happened in the previous year.”

Got that? If There were no cuts for 10 years in the budget it would still increase by $9.5 trillion. The recent cut of $2.9 trillion from the baseline means there is still an net increase of $6.6 trillion. Next time you hear Democrats demogogue about draconian cuts know they are lying.

We currently have a $3.7 trillion current yearly BUDGET growing at 8% on average and a $2.2 trillion GDP growing at less than 3%. The debt bomb keeps getting larger and can never catch up.

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