Obama’s Idiotic Infographic

Articles: Obama’s Idiotic Infographic.

President Obama has suggested in his last 147 television appearances that he inherited the national debt from President Bush, who squandered the Clinton surplus with his “tax cuts for the rich” and his unnecessary wars.

Now someone at the White House, apparently not an accountant or an economist, has put together an “infographic” that assigns hard numbers to these vague assertions, explaining in detail how “$12.7 Trillion [was] Added to the Debt Over the Last Decade.”  The graphic parts of the infographic are competent, and the White House logo looks spiffy, but the info part is entirely mendacious.”

This erroneous information that is making the rounds in liberal circles now shows up on the White House website. This shows the willingness of our president to use and present false and misleading information. 

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