If Boehner Loses, GOP Loses the Debt Limit Fight

via If Boehner Loses, GOP Loses the Debt Limit Fight « The Enterprise Blog.

“All this can be avoided if the House passes the Boehner plan today—and Boehner insists that the Senate pass it, and the president sign it. If he holds firm, they will. This will be a modest victory for Republicans, but a major defeat for Obama. And we can then have this debate all over again in four to six months—which keeps spending cuts on the political front burner, and helps set up the next election as a referendum on the way forward for reducing our debt. Conservatives can win such a referendum. If they do, they will get the reinforcements they need on Capitol Hill to pass “Cut, Cap, and Balance”—and a conservative president who will sign it into law. If the Boehner plan fails today, all that may be at risk.”

Playbook and consequences.

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