Among the Tax-takers

Among the Tax-takers.

“Like most anti-poverty programs, the Earned Income Tax Credit when enacted in 1975 was supposed to be temporary.  It was visualized as a tool to lift the working poor out of poverty.  It was quickly made permanent and has been modified numerous times over the ensuing 36 years.  In 2004, 20 million families received $36 billion.  The flower children assume that was $36 billion spent on food, shelter, and health care.  We who live in the real world know it was spent on big-screen television sets, 22-inch chrome wheels, and colorful tattoos.”

The problem with government programs, once started, is that they never seem to end – especially when you have beneficiaries. Then you have people taking advantage of the “system” with no real oversight because there is no vested interest looking out for taxpayers other than government bureaucrats. And when you have more takers than makers then you have a constituency that votes to keep itself in power.

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