DNC Chair: Republicans Are Waging a ‘War on Women’

DNC Chair: Republicans Are Waging a ‘War on Women’ | The Weekly Standard.

“Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the new chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Thursday morning that Republicans are “anti-woman” and are waging “war on women” in pursuit of an “extremely radical social agenda.” What about her Democratic colleagues who voted the same way as Republicans to cut off taxpayer-funding of abortion and/or Planned Parenthood? Are they “anti-woman” as well? “No,” said Wasserman Schultz. They get a pass.”

Women against themselves (?) because they don’t pass the liberal litmus test of abortion. But a Dem woman who doesn’t pass the test gets a pass – because she’s….one of us!. Go figure. And we thought Howard Dean as DNC was a fiasco. More to come from her; a complete mouthpiece for every Dem talking point. Willing to defend the indefensible!

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